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Amazon is where it's at for quick home decor solutions.  I've been adding the final details to our home over the last few weeks and I'm admittedly not very patient.  I want it all finished so I can sit back, sip my fizzy water, and admire my hard work.  Plus, there is something so satisfying about finding the right item at a great price, and then it shows up two days later!  Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with waiting for the perfect rug or large scale piece of art to arrive but the all the little details can be done quickly and beautifully.  Check out some of the items I have purchased this summer and absolutely love!  I'm sure you will love them too! 

  1. Ahenque Set of 2 Tea Towels
    These cute towels come in several color combinations.  I'm currently using them in my kitchen and the guest bath as a hand drying towel

  2. Mini Faux Plants
    These are just so darling.  I have the spread out over the house where I just needed a pop of green in a space.  However, they would be so cute lined up together in a kitchen or bathroom!
  3. Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White
  4. For the Love of White: The White and Neutral Home
    I love a good coffee table book and these two are just so good!  Not only are they visually appealing but the pages are full of inspiring images and design ideas.
  5. Boho Black & White Pillow Cover
    To know me is to know that I have an obsession with pillows!  These are so soft and perfect.  I filled them with an insert from and have them on the bed in the master.  They would also work well on a sofa or side chair.
  6. Wooden Cake Stand
    This little stand holds my Monique Lhuillier cake dome from Pottery Barn perfectly.  Also, it can be shorted by unscrewing the top part of the black stand.  I don't know if they meant it to work that way but it does and I loving having two height options!
  7. Throw Pillow with Faux Leather Accent
    I think this pillow is so versatile.  It could work beautifully in a rustic farmhouse living room, a modern mountain retreat, an office space, or a little boy's nursery.
  8. Boss Lady Candle
    Ok, I cheated a little on this one.  I did buy it but not for my own home.  This was a gift for my sister who embarked on a new business.  I love it so much and just might have to buy another one for myself.
  9. Eucalyptus Faux Twig
    Second, only to pillows, is my love for greenery.  After moving into our home, I quickly learn that I don't like flowers.  I don't like them in decor, faux flowers, or fresh (with the exception of the two orchids I'm working really hard to keep alive).  But plants on the other hand....I love them.  Big, small, live, faux.  They are all great!  These stems are perfect, trimmed to fit, and placed in a vintage piece of pottery.

    Have you found any amazing home decor items on Amazon?  If so, share below!!

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