How to Create Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar at Home!

When I was designing our home, I knew very early on that I wanted a “drink station” in our kitchen. During the early meetings with the architects, I made it clear that this was a mandatory feature in our home and they happily added it to the plans!  I knew the space needed its own dedicated sink, faucet (that gives you cold filtered water, cold filtered fizzy water, and on-demand hot water), and an ice maker.  My dreams came true when the house was completed and all the pieces were in place!  All summer long we sipped on icy cold drinks and crunched on the pebble ice.  But now that the weather has turned cold, I wanted to turn our drink station into a Hot Chocolate Bar for us to use all winter long. 

With this setup, all you have to do is grab a mug, add your hot chocolate powder, turn on the instant hot water, stir, and add toppings. I even found some festive napkins to set out.  Once Christmas is over, I will switch these out for something more wintery and less holiday-specific.

But you don’t have to have a dedicated sink or area in your house for beverages to set up your own Hot Chocolate Bar.  Just grab some hot cocoa powder, a few of the items below, and set it up anywhere.  The kitchen counter works well but you could also set it up on a wet bar, dining room sideboard, drink cart, or the kitchen island.  This doesn’t have to be complicated.  For instance, I used an old school label maker from amazon to create the labels for a simple and charming look!

Here are a few of the items I used to create our Hot Chocolate Bar.    Basically, all you need hot cocoa powder and mugs.  The rest is just for fun so add as many or as few of the other items as you like.

  1. Tiered Metal & Ceramic Dish Rectangular Serve Tray – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
    This is the two-tiered tray that I used but any tray will work.  If you plan to display your Hot Chocolate bar in your kitchen under upper cabinets, just make sure the height of the tiered serving tray is short enough to fit under the cabinets!

  2. Condiment Jars with Spoons
    These darling little jars come with a lid, spoon, and tray.  If you don’t find a serving tray you love you can always use the tray that comes with the jars.  While these jars are simply adorable and the perfect size, they don’t seal.  This isn’t a problem since they don’t hold very much.  You will go through the hot chocolate faster than it will go stale in these jars but I wouldn’t put marshmallows in them.
  3. Wood top jars that seal
    You will want some jars that seal if you want to store marshmallows or taller items like stir sticks.  I love the size of these and they are stackable which will make for easy storing later!
  4. Stacking Mugs
    Holiday Stacking Mugs
    Bad news, the stacking mugs I have are not available anymore.  Good new, stacking mugs are easy to find and available in many festive styles and shapes.  A quick google search of ‘Stacking Mugs’ will bring up more options than you will ever need
  5. Faux Christmas Tree
    Having a little Christmas tree isn’t really necessary but I never pass up the opportunity to add a pop of greenery into my designs.  Plus, it is the perfect amount of festive without going overboard.
  6. Peppermint Stir Sticks
    Again, this isn’t necessary but who doesn’t love a yummy stir stick in their hot chocolate.  Guests, kids, and grandchildren will all love this special holiday treat!
  7. Picture Frame
    I had this little frame sitting on the floating shelves above the sink.  For the Hot Chocolate Bar, I decided to make a little sign and use this frame I already had.  You don’t need a sign but this is a fun and easy way to add to the look without much effort.  You can print the sign I created here.
  8. Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Toppers
    By the time you read this, these marshmallow hot chocolate toppers will likely have sold out, and for good reason.  They are so clever and fun!  Check on,, and for several cute alternatives.  Whatever other toppings you want to add is great.  We chose graham crackers, candy canes, and Bischoff cookies to sprinkle on top of whipped cream.  For each item, I put a small amount in a gallon size zip lock bag, sealed the bag, and crushed with a rolling pin. But you can buy toppings already ready to go such as sprinkles, ultra mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings, etc.  Be as creative or basic as you like!
  9. Hot Chocolate
    And last but not least (cuz it’s the whole point of this thing), the HOT CHOCOLATE!!  I selected this set because they are yummy and can be displayed in the canisters they come in.  Really any hot chocolate mix or flavor will due.  If you entertain a lot, maybe buy in bulk because this hot chocolate bar will be a hit!!Let us know if you create your own hot chocolate bar!  Tag us on social media or use the hashtag #SchiemerDesignStyle .  We would love to share your pics!

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