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We work with you and your architect to ensure that every detail of your home is designed to perfection.  From electrical plans to layout to space planning, we can want to make sure your home functions as you would like it to as well as have a beautiful flow.

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Selecting all the finishes for your new home or remodel can be overwhelming.  Our team can help make the process enjoyable by taking the guess work out.  We ensure that every interior selection comes together to create a thoughtful and cohesive design.  From paint color to plumbing fixtures to flooring options, we have you covered!


Many of us spend so much time thinking about and spending money on the bones of the home and finishes of a home that we neglect the furnishings.  However, the pieces we put inside are just as important.  These are the items we use daily and have the opportunity to add style and comfort.  Let us help you create a functional space that makes the best use of the layout and is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

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Whether you are looking to revamp a bookcase or need a whole home-styled, our team can help you create the polished look of your dreams.  We love incorporating your personal and meaningful items along with new and found pieces.  This step is definitely the icing on the cake and can take a well-designed space to the next level.


E-design is a cost-effective and efficient way to realize your design goals one room at a time.  Our package includes:

  1. Client Questionnaire
  2. One hour virtual design consultation
  3. Mood Board
  4. 1 round of revisions
  5. 2D Room layout illustration
  6. Shopping list with links


This one-time or introductory design consultation is perfect for the homeowner that just needs a little direction. Included is a 1-hour in-home or online design session where you will receive professional guidance to help determine your design esthetic, brainstorm furniture layouts, get suggestions on small changes that yield big results, review architectural plans, etc. The more prepared you come to this consultation the more we can accomplish. Start by gathering room and furniture dimensions, inspiration, and current space pictures, and floor plans (if available).

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The Design Process

Fill out our Questionnaire

Every client starts with the questionnaire.  The more details you provide, the better job we can do formulating your quote and preparing the initial design goals.

Personalized Consultation

After we review your questionnaire, we will set up a virtual or in-person meeting.  We will use this time to get to know each other and the scope of your project

Get a Quote

You will receive a flat rate quote based on the scope of services required.  Payments will be required in installments during the project.  Should you need to add to your project during the process, we will reassess and provide you with an additional quote.

Creating a Vision for Your Space

This is the stage when we present you with an initial design concept and set design goals.  You will see our vision for the color pallet, textures, and overall esthetic.


Once the initial design concept is approved, we get to work designing your space. We will create your complete design including 2D or 3D drawings, mood boards, and physical samples. If you don't love the first draft, don't worry.  You will have the opportunity to make 1 to 2 rounds of revisions depending on your project.  If your project is a new build, we will provide you and your builder a final spec sheet with every detail included.  If you are using our services for interior decor only, we will provide you with a complete list with links for you to approve.

Site Visits

If your project includes a remodel or new construction, we will be there every step of the way to check on the progress. We will work with your builder or contractor to set up periodic site visits to make sure every detail is going according to plan.

Time to Purchase Your Furniture & Decor

Your project will well underway and it is time to start purchasing items for your home. Lead times can vary so we will work with vendors to make sure your items are scheduled for when your project is completed. If you are working with us on an E-Design project, you will be provided a shopping list and links to purchase the items on your own.

Install Day is the Best Day!

Your home is completed, furniture has arrived, and now we make a house a home. This can take 1-7 days depending on the scope of your project. We come equipt with movers, handymen, and our design team so that every detail is executed as planned. E-Design clients handle the install on their own.

Schiemer Design Studio

Here at Schiemer Design Studio we want our clients to love where they live.  We believe that when you love your space the rest of life falls into place more easily.  Whether you are starting from a dirt lot or a home you have enjoyed for years, we can help you find and create beauty that brings you peace and comfort.

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