about us


Schiemer Design Studio

Schiemer Design Studio is a residential design firm co-owned and operated by Tom and Melanie Schiemer. Our team is based out of Park City, UT, and can assist in all phases of design from consulting with architects and builders to finishing decor touches. Whether it is a new residential build, restaurant revamp, or a one-room home makeover, Schiemer Design Studio implements a streamlined process that helps you realize your design goals. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and maintaining an organized and open line of communication. While we enjoy a classically modern organic esthetic we are able to adapt to a variety of needs and styles. Our goal with each project is to help clients find and create beauty all around.

Benefits of Schiemer Design Studio

  • We are with you on your project from the beginning planning phases to the day you move in and beyond.
  • Our team takes the stress out of design so you can enjoy the process of realizing your dream home.
  • We implement an organized and efficient stream of communication so you are always aware of what stage your project is at.
  • While we have our own design esthetic, we enjoy getting to know all our clients on a personal level so we can better design their spaces to suit their individual tastes and needs.